Firestat Duct High Limit Switch – Used in a Grain Dryer

Duct High Limit Used in Grain DryerTC Duct High Limit

Our TC Duct High Limit Firestat can be used in multiple applications. One of our customers uses a TC Duct High Limit Temperature Control to make sure that everything in the air stream of his grain dryer is doing what is supposed to do. They used our Firestat to make sure that the grain that they are drying does not block the flow of the temperature in the shaft. By presetting the TC Duct High Limit Thermostat, they can insert the unit into multiple spots along the dryer to keep a check on the system. If the TC senses the rapid increase in temperature beyond the set point it automatically shuts the system down. The manual reset makes sure that the system cannot be restarted until the blockage is cleared. The adjustable models make changing temperatures as easy as loosening a screw and moving a dial. The tough metal case protects the switch in rough environments. This is a cost-effective solution to a big problem. TC Duct High Limit Controls are used every day in the world around us, we just have to do a little digging to find out where they are located.

Other Common Firestat Uses

Commonly the firestat duct limit switches are installed in air ducts to shut down HVAC equipment when air temperature exceeds a pre-set limit.These duct high temperature limits are indispensable in specialized HVAC applications and Building Automation Systems.

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