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Duct Temperature Sensor

Many buildings have an exhaust fan installed within their duct space to maintain cool temperatures inside the building. Once the air temperature reaches a pre-determined set point, a fan switch powers on an exhaust fan to keep the building from overheating.

If a fire is present within the system, the fan will feed the flames and the building will be up in smoke quickly. By installing a duct high limit temperature control, this risk can be reduced. The high limit switch is installed within the exhaust system, and when higher air temperature is reached due to fire the limit switch will shut the exhaust fan down preventing the spread.

TC Duct temperature sensor Specifications

The duct high limit switch features a helix bi-metal element that senses rapid increases in temperature. The switch is a single pole, single throw (SPST) device that opens when temperature rises between 100°F to 250°F. For more information about the TC duct high limit switch, click here to view the product details.