Mechanical Fire Safety Building Code

Firestat Duct Limit Switches are designed to control the louvers or another shutdown device within the HVAC system. Engineered to comply with multiple building codes, our mechanical Firestat is configured to deactivate HVAC systems in ducts when temperatures reach a predetermined level, ensuring adherence to regulations. For further information regarding our compliance with mechanical building codes, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

These manual switches are compatible with a variety of duct systems in homes, apartments, and businesses. Manual intervention is necessary to reset the switches and re-enable the furnace/fans, preventing the spread of fires to other areas of the building. Our Air Duct Temperature Controllers align with legislation requiring fire dampers, such as North Carolina’s Mechanical Fire Safety Building Code 607.3.1, among others. For additional details on our compliance with mechanical building codes, please feel free to reach out to us.

Firestat Duct Limit Switches offer an optimal solution for multifamily construction needs, specifically designed to halt the spread of fire and smoke in buildings. These switches control louvers or other devices in the HVAC duct system when the air temperature reaches a preset level on the switch. This feature is particularly crucial in states like North Carolina, Louisiana, California, and New York, where such precautions are mandatory.

Fixed Duct Limit Controls

Moreover, in states mandating low CFM (specifically 2,000 CFM or lower) for air handlers when using heat pumps, our Firestat Duct Limit Switches reliably meet these requirements, enhancing safety in multifamily dwellings and schoolhouses. Mounted externally on air ducts, Firestat Controllers incorporate a bi-metal element that senses temperature changes. When the temperature exceeds 100°F to 250°F, the controller’s circuit opens, shutting down the fan or other duct system devices.

Our Firestat Duct Limit Switches comply with rigorous mechanical building codes across various states, including North Carolina (Mechanical Building Code 607.3.1), Louisiana (Mechanical Building Code 717.3), CSFM California State Fire Marshall Listing #3225-0981:103, and New York City MEA #260-91-M.

We take pride in meticulously designing and engineering our products to meet or exceed the diverse set of regulations and standards established by different state authorities. This commitment ensures that our offerings, whether used in California, New York, North Carolina, or any other state, are compliant with specific mechanical building codes, making them a reliable choice for projects. Safety and performance are our top priorities, and our dedication to ongoing compliance guarantees that our products meet the highest standards.

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CEMCO Duct Limit Switches

The Firestat Duct Fan and Limit Thermostat Switches operate using the same physics to ensure HVAC safety. A helix bi-metal element senses a rapid temperature change. When the temperature changes the bi-metal expands and triggers a snap action switch and either opens or closes a circuit. These switches are commonly installed in air ducts designed to shut down heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment in apartment complexes and other multiple dwelling units when air temperature exceeds the set point.

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