Firestat Duct Limit Switch
A Firestat duct limit control is installed in air ducts to shut down heating, air conditioning […]
Duct Limit switch for apartments
The most important Firestat safety benefit for installing into your duct system is to prevent the […]
HVAC Requirements in Milwaukee Wisconsin
Here at Firestat, we sell our duct limit control switches to a few larger companies. Today, […]
Duct Limit Control Installation Firestat for HVAC
Installed in air ducts worldwide, Firestat duct controls shut down HVAC equipment when air temperature exceeds […]
Material Dryer Limit Switch
  The integration of a duct high limit control switch¬† in monitoring the temperature of a […]
CEMCO Duct Limit Switch
We decided to upload this table giving our customers the accessibility to a cross reference guide […]