Firestat production in Wisconsin
We have exciting news to share: Firestat has moved production to Wisconsin! This relocation brings a […]
Testing your firestat
Firestat duct high limit units are designed to accurately read the temperature inside your duct system, […]
Firestat Distributor
Firestat has a large group of trusted distributors who regularly purchase our duct limit controllers for […]
Duct High Limit Switch
Duct high temperature limit switches are designed to sense rapid increases in duct temperature, such as […]
Duct Limit Switch Made in The USA
Looking for a high quality, accurate duct high limit switch made in the USA?¬†Look no further, […]
Firestat Duct Limit Switch
Choosing the correct bimetal length for duct limit switches is actually quite easy but very important. […]
Fixed Duct Limit Controls
Duct Fan/Limit Switch Product Development Recently, a manufacture reached out to us with a temperature monitoring […]
Firestat Duct Limit Switch
A Firestat duct limit control is installed in air ducts to shut down heating, air conditioning […]
Duct Limit switch for apartments
The most important Firestat safety benefit for installing into your duct system is to prevent the […]
Duct Building Code
Here at Firestat, we sell our duct limit control switches to a few larger companies. Today, […]