Duct Limit Switches – Choosing the Correct Bimetal Length

Firestat Duct Limit Switch

Choosing the correct bimetal length for duct limit switches is actually quite easy but very important. Choosing the wrong probe length can cause your switch to not function properly when needed

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Choosing the Correct Bimetal Length

You’ve decided to purchase a Firestat to keep your home or your building safe,Firestat Duct Limit Switch great choice! Now you’re looking at your options and see there are 3 different probe length, but you’re wondering, what’s the difference? Our adjustable temperature range Firestats come in probe lengths of 5-inch, 7.5inch and 11inch. Choosing the correct length for your duct will allow the Firestat to work properly when you need it to. In order to determine which length you will need, you’ll have to know the approximate size of the duct it will be installed in. The end of the probe that sits inside the duct should sit closest to the dead center of the duct as possible. This allows the Firestat to properly read the air temperature effectively, without getting a misread from the temperature on the sides of the duct.

Tips to Remember

  1. Make sure to measure the size of your duct before purchasing a Firestat.
  2. Choosing the correct probe length will allow your Firestat to work properly when it needs to.
  3. Probe length needed will be determined by how large the duct it’s being installed in is.
  4. Choose the probe length that will allow it to sit as close to the dead center of the duct as possible.

Firestat Duct Limit Switch DescriptionFirestat Duct Control

Firestat duct limit switches are installed in air ducts to shut down heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment when air temperature exceeds a pre-set limit. Commonly installed in apartment complexes or equipment that require several units.

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