Firestat Safety Benefits in an Apartment Complex

The main safety benefit of installing a Firestat limit switch into your duct system is to prevent the spread of fire and smoke in the event of a building fire. When placed in an HVAC duct system, the Firestat senses the air temperature. Based on what temperature that device is set at, it will open the contacts when that temp is reached, and stop the fan from running and spreading the potential fire or smoke it detected to more areas of the building. The system then must be manually reset to ensure there is no danger left.

We have 2 types of manual reset Firestat’s available:

  • Fixed Temperature: These come factory set at a temperature you choose of either 125F, 165F or 200F. The fixed Firestat’s come in a 5in rod length.
  • Adjustable Temperature: With these you are able to manually set your own temperature, anywhere between 100F and 250F. The adjustable Firestat’s have 3 rod lengths to choose from, 5in, 7.5in and 11in.

Both are made in the USA, Easy to install and UL approved.

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One specific kind of building this type of unit benefits are apartment complexes. In the case of a fire in an apartment, the Firestat system will help to stop the spread of the fire and the smoke into other areas of the building, or to other apartments. This is a great way to help protect your apartment complex in the event a fire starts. One of the worst fears of an apartment building owner is watching their building go up in flames.

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