Plenum-Mount Duct Limit Switch Bi-Metal Element Length

Duct Limit Switch ElementWhen mounting a duct limit switch, it’s best if the bi-metal element reaches the middle of the air duct. The air in the middle of the duct is often a different temperature than the air towards the edge of the duct due to change in pressure and turbulence. When air turns or encounters resistance the air flow speed and temperature are affected. Click here to learn more.

Senasys Duct Limit Switch Probe Options

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Senasys offers three different element lengths of our duct limit switches, and custom lengths are available:

  • 5 inches
  • 7.5 inches
  • 11 inches

To make it simple, the larger the air duct, the longer the element required. If too short of an element length the duct limit switch may receive inaccurate temperature readings causing the switch to trigger at too low of a temperature, or delay.

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