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Fan and Limit Thermostat Switch

Research and Development

Recently, a manufacture reached out to us with a temperature monitoring application where they would like to have a thermostat switch that controlled the fan and limit. Which got us thinking, that maybe this would be an appropriate market to jump on into. Since we already produce multiple limit thermostats with fixed and adjustable temperatures it fits in perfectly with our product line.

We are currently working on the Research and Development for other duct control possibilities. Our current product offering for the TC Series only opens on rise. We are looking at a close on temperature rise option; and a DPDT switch, which will open and close two sets of contacts when there is a change in temperature.

Since we didn’t have a drop-in option for this manufacture using our TC Series, we came up with a solution using our snap disc thermostats. Senasys was able to achieve the temperature range that the manufacture was looking for. Senasys did this by using one snap disc to control the fan and the other snap disc as a high limit – pictured in the drawing below.

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