Our Firestat switches use a bimetal coil to open a set of contacts. However, you may be wondering what these contacts look like, and how they are reset after the switch has been triggered. When the switch heats up, the contacts open as seen in the picture below. Once the contacts are opened, the switch needs to be manually reset. However, the switch can only be reset once the temperature of the bimetal goes below whatever the switch is set to. Once the switch cools down, it is reset with the level on the top of the switch. That’s all there is to it! FirestatRead More →

How to adjust a duct limit temperature switch

Our Firestat switches come in both adjustable and fixed temperature models. However, you may not know what temperature you need in the first place. The temperature you’ll need your Firestat to be set at depends on how close you place it to your furnace and how hot your furnace runs. Our lowest fixed temperature switch is set at 125°F, but the air right next to your furnace might be warmer than that. We recommend that you identify where you plan on installing your duct limit switch before you buy it and measure the air temperature when your furnace is running. Once you know that temperature,Read More →

Firestat Adjustable Duct High Limits

Duct high limit switches are simple devices, so there isn’t much that can be done to stand out among the competition. However, we consistently beat out the competition when it comes to pricing.  This is mostly because our switches only act as limit switches, while most other similar switches also can act as fan switches. This allows us to offer better pricing for those of you who don’t need a fan switch. If you have any questions about our switches or want to get a quote for a larger order, be sure to contact us.Read More →

Firestat Adjustable Duct High Limits

Our CEMCO Firestat switch division commonly are installed in apartment complexes or equipment that require several units.  At Senasys, price and lead time is quantity based and units are made to order. To get the best possible price and lead time we recommend sending in a request for quote with your estimated annual usage to our inside sales team for quantities greater than 100. Click here to send a request for quote!Read More →